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4600SW IP Telephones

The 4600SW Series IP Telephones bring the power of VOIP to the IP Office. With the 4600SW IP Phones you can connect to the IP Office through your data network. Users with a VPN connection into the network can set up a 4600SW Series Telephone at their remote location. They have the most popular, convenient and widely used business calling features used in the office, including: message waiting light used with optional voice mail, hold, conference, transfer, mute and volume control.

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  • Avaya 4606SW IP Phone

    Avaya 4606SW IP Phone

    The 4606SW IP Telephone allows power to be supplied through several alternative methods - a local external power supply with power through a Special Jack, Bulk Power from the closet on spare Pins 7&8 with either an proprietary or IEEE standard supply, or from the data switch over the Ethernet signal pairs.
  • Avaya 4602SW IP Phone

    Avaya 4602SW IP Phone

    The 4602 Telephone is an economical IP telephone with two programmable call appearance/feature keys, ten fixed feature buttons, and display.
  • Avaya 4610SW IP Phone

    Avaya 4610SW IP Phone

    The 4610SW IP Office phone is a display telephone with advanced keypad features and built-in adapters for upgrades. Set your business up for future growth with the 4610SW IP Phone.
  • Avaya 4621SW IP Phone

    Avaya 4621SW IP Phone

    The 4621SW IP Office phone is a display phone with advanced keypad features and built in adapters for upgrades. If you'd like your business to grow you can't go wrong with the 4621SW IP phone!

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